SMART4banks - Selection of test data based on usage.

SMART4banks enables the design of targeted and realistic test scenarios based on reduced data sets. SMART4banks extracts economically relevant data from SAP systems and imports them into required test systems or clients as needed.

How it works:

In the past, test data sets were created by copying the entire production system. Due to increasing amounts of data and increasing running times associated with this approach in this day and age, it is no longer feasible.

SMART4banks considerably reduces test data volume compared to a full system copy since SMART4banks only transfers the data relevant for test scenarios. The scope of the extracted data is determined in advance and includes a defined amount and quantity of business related data.

The amount of data extracted refers to relevant data from a business partner needed for a test scenario and includes accounts, cards, contracts, payment items, etc. The quantity of data extracted determines whether further referenced objects and business partners are required for test cases and need to be referenced.

In order to differentiate between different extraction requirements and the test data that results from it, an S4B Project is created and defined. It is assigned to the requesting department on a logical basis; the test data set that is generated is retained until successfully imported into the target system. This data extract can be re-initialized, rebuilt, or extended by new selection criteria of the respective department at any time.



Test data can be generated as often as necessary


Your benefit:

With SMART4banks, you can perform targeted regression tests on reduced data sets.
It enables testers to test individualized production-related data sets in order to increase the quality and efficiency of your releases.
With SMART4banks, you can significantly shorten test time since you can do tests with a smaller amount of data.
Not only does this save time, it saves money too!


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Area of application:

SMART4banks was primarily designed to be used with SAP Banking Services. The application-independent implementation of SMART4banks also allows its data compression abilities to be used by other SAP applications such as SAP CML.
SMART4banks can be used for the design of smaller quality assurance systems or other special test clients (the extracted data can be reused several times).
SMART4banks can be used with reduced data sets or systems with synthetic data in order to create further extracts.



SAP for Banking



SMART4banks already contains its own default security rules, such as protections for sensitive data.
Don't be afraid of audits!
SMART4banks-initiated imports cannot be imported on production systems or disabled clients, even if the user has the right to do so.
The optional component Pyano allows you to ensure that no sensitive or personal data leaves your systems – even during the extraction process.
For more information about Pyano, an application-independent pseudonymization and anonymization tool, please see our separate brochure.



You've got the choise:

S4B as a product
SMART4banks can be purchased as a software suite.
The entire suite is installed on your system and you will be trained to use it.

S4B as a Service
There’s also the option to purchase SMART4banks as a service.
You buy the test data generation service, we provide all the necessary tools.

S4B as CDP
We’re happy to tailor SMART4banks to your needs with a so-called CDP
(Custom Development Project).
Feel free to talk to us about your requirements!

We are happy to assess your individual needs and show how you can use SMART4banks in your projects by offering demo workshops or one-on-one discussions.

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