Pyano is system-independent software for pseudonymization and / or anonymization of customer data on test systems.


How it works:

By descriptively obfuscating data, you can increase data security and protection even on test systems. The actual origin of the data is made untraceable.
With Pyano, you can pseudonymize and anonymize test data and test systems. Pseudonymization makes it difficult to identify personal data, for example.
Anonymization changes the data in a way that makes identification impossible.
For data protection reasons, pseudonymization / anonymization of e.g. personal data is needed on test systems.

Your benefit:

With Pyano, you can increase data security and protection on test systems.
With Pyano, you can achieve cross-system consistency of test data.
With descriptive data, testers feel as though they are using real data. Using Test Account 1 and John Doe is made a thing of the past.
You can determine the level and method of data protection: ​​full anonymization or pseudonymization.
You’ve got the choice!
Complex access and authorization checks on test systems can be simplified for all testers! Thanks to Pyano, your data – just without the sensitive bits - is visible to everyone.


Areas of application:

Pyano can be deployed on SAP systems and is also accessible from non-SAP systems through an interface.
A set of basic rules help you define which data is pseudonymized / anonymized, and in what way.
These basic rules can be adjusted individually through SAP customizing and extensions.

Pseudonymizing / anonymizing functions for names and addresses of a business partner are provided; other functions can be added at any time.
Pyano can be linked to our product SMART4banks in two different ways:

Either by pseudonymization / anonymization of test data during the extraction process on the source system, ensuring no real data leaves the system.
Or by pseudonymization / anonymization on the target system, enabling the design of multiple systems with or without real data.