Learn more about the Executive Board of [ isacon ] AG.


Achim Baumgärtner

Achim Baumgärtner has more than 15 years in-depth expertise in the IT services sector.

Since 2001 he has advised customers in the SAP environment and since 2003 in the banking environment. In 2004 he joined [ isacon ] AG as senior adviser where his assignments were with large and renowned banks. He also took over management of the internal "Extensions & System Integration" department. In 2008 Achim Baumgärtner was appointed to the Management Board of [ isacon ] AG and reinforced his long-term association with [ isacon ] AG as shareholder.

In the same year he was put in charge of the "Staff development and staff expansion" department as a member of the Management Board. In May 2010 he was appointed to the Executive Board of [ isacon ] AG and since then he has managed the department of operational business. He controls the successful development of the company and aligns its strategy.


Sascha Jozic

Right after finishing his studies in civil engineering, Sascha Jozic showed that as an independent entrepreneur in marketing and sales for new media he is able to recognise the market signs and to successfully implement them. In 2000 he worked for IT companies with an appropriate degree of specialization and placed his professional emphasis on SAP standard software.

In 2002 he specialised in banking IT projects at mbase AG. As project manager he controlled global implementation and integration projects. He is the name giver of today's [ isacon ] AG, which was renamed from mbase AG to [ isacon ] AG in 2004.

From 2007 he was also responsible for the strategic departments of "Process Automation" and "Customer-Oriented Banking" until he was appointed to the Executive Board of [ isacon ] AG in May 2010.